6th April 2021 

The album "Life and Other Short Stories Volume 1" by Checking For Echo Project (Jon Farley) is released WEDNESDAY 7th April.


I am lucky enough to feature on the track Seen But Never Heard and briefly on the title track, plus there's a cover of one of Long Earth's songs My Suit of Armour which on this version is sung by Andy Nixon (Badfinger/Freedom to Glide). The album features great songwriting and playing by Jon Farley, and wonderful contributions from so many great prog musicians from today's grass roots prog scene; Suzi James of Fearful Symmetry, Clare Shorthouse Fowler  of Dandelion Charm, Yael Shotts of Fearful Symmetry, Michael Brown of Outside In, Elaine Samuels of Kindred Spirit Band  Lisa Farley (Jon's wife),  Barbie Beck Kelley of Wind  and the aforementioned Andy Nixon

All profits from this album go to two musical charities, Help Musicians and Stage Hand, so please listen and if you like it (or know someone who would), please buy it.  



1st February 2021 

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, Prog in the Park 2 has had to be postponed until 2nd April 2022. You can book via the link on my upcoming shows page, and tickets already purchased remain valid for the new date.  It's not looking good for the Moon in June Festival either, although no official announcement yet.  It looks like this damned virus has robbed us, and countless others, of two years of gigs - both as participants and audience members. Two years us old guys can little afford, but we have to be mindful of the suffering endured by millions of families worldwide who have lost people or seen loved ones suffer. So we continue to write music for the next Long Earth album, and hopefully in the next two or three months we might get into a rehearsal room and start working the ideas into Long Earth songs.

Radio Play for Long Earth remains strong, with some wonderful support from DJs in various parts of the world, as far afield as Canada, the USA, Mexico, Argentina and Australia.

Personally, I have had little time to devote to writing, but I have been sent another piece of music to work on by Tony Imbierski for his Armoury Way project. It's really going to be a wonderful retro-prog album when complete. Again, CV-19 will more than likely delay formal recording sessions, but I think the wait will be worth it. 

Look out for more news soon, including a possible Long Earth single release and new merchandise store. 

28th December 2020 

December has been kind to Long Earth

Once Around the Sun made the top 10 albums of 2020  as chosen by Nemo Dre on Future Feature Radio, Canada

the album was named Album of the Year by Eddie McFadden on Kiss That Prog,  Progcore Radio/Listen Lanarkshire/Manchester Rock Radio 

Chuck Simons from Prog Rock for Beginners show on progrock.com lists it in the Top 5 albums of the year

AJ Bradford, from House of Prog Radio named it in his  DJ choice as a top ten album of 2020 in a list of acts that included Bruce Springsteen and Blue Oyster Cult

Mark & Rayna Monforti, Music in Widescreen/Progrock.com Chicago listed it as one of the top 20 albums of 2020

Andre de Beor chose the album as one of his Top Ten of the Year in the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages magazine (DPRP)

Peter Jones, Tales from the Tiger Moth on Progzilla Radio listed it as one of his top 5 albums of the year

Listener's of The Prog Mill show on Progzilla voted it as one of the to 25 albums of 2020

Harry Storms,  Highway to the Music on Hits4All Radio highlighted it as one of the albums of 2020 - a former album of the week

John Hinnie of ERM Radio featured the entire album in his end of year show, as did Denis Champagne & Pierre Lemoyne on Progcore LIve, Montreal 

It's nice to know that our work is regarded so highly by people who play rock and progressive music all over the world. 






November 2020 update 

Welcome to my new website, where you can catch up with what's happening with me and my projects. We all know it's been a terrible year, not just for musicians, but almost everyone, and while it would be easy to whinge, I know people who have lost their lives to Covid19, so I'll just say I hope we all stay well and let's look forward to some semblance of our old lives returning in 2021.  

Long Earth are writing for album number 3. However, as we tend to bring in ideas to the rehearsal room and then jam them, the opportunity to do this is non-existent right now, so we really only have the bones of ideas at present. By the time we get back into the rehearsal room we will (hopefully) have to rehearse our live set for Prog In The Park 2.0 and more. See the Live page for gigs. 

Whilst Long Earth are my number 1 musical priority, recently, I've been lucky enough to be asked by a couple of other musicians to contribute to their albums;   First, there's Jon Farley's Checking For Echo project which is due for release in March 2021. Jon has also recently covered the Long Earth song My Suit of Armour, with Andy Nixon of Freedom to Glide/Badfinger taking on the vocal and guitar duties on it.  The second is by Armoury Way, the brainchild of Southampton based multi instrumentalist, pro jazz player Tony Imbierski, who is writing an album as an homage to the great 70s prog bands we grew up with and also concentrates on historic events in places where Tony has lived. A band is being put together for the full recording of the album next year, but in the meantime you hear Tony & I on a sample edit of the demos written and arranged thus far on the demo section of my music page. 

I am also working on a few solo songs in my studio, Riverview and the demos will be posted on the music page soon. There is already one on there, Human Remains.

Field of Vision remains on hiatus meantime due to all three of us having so many other projects, but some day we will get the chance to complete the many songs we have in various stages of creation. In the meantime, limited numbers of the CD version of the Vicissitudes of Life EP are available to order from the music page. Long Earth CDs and a range of T Shirts can be ordered from the Long Earth shop on grandtourmusic.org.